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香港記者協會極度不滿港府於前晚(11月25日)深夜10時59分發稿公告「港珠澳大橋」延遲一年落成,記協認為做法有欠妥當,令新聞媒體沒有足夠的時間處理有關消息,有違開誠佈公的原則,記協將就事件向申訴專員作出投訴。 港府就非突發事件於深夜發稿的做法早有前科。港府於本年初1月16日23時01分及06分分別... details

27/11/2015 17:39   updated more

記協要求當局盡快釋放高瑜 (Chinese only)

內地資深獨立記者高瑜被指洩露國家機密,判監七年,經上訴後,法院今日(26日)將她的刑期減至五年。香港記者協會對裁決極度不滿及遺憾,認為高瑜不應被裁定罪名成立,遑論判刑,促請當局盡快釋放高瑜,並基於人道理由,批准年逾七旬的高瑜保外就醫,又或讓高瑜餘下刑期監外執行,令她可以自行求取更好的治療。 香港記者... details

26/11/2015 17:12   updated more

HKJA protests against Manila’s ban on HK Journalist from covering the APEC summit

The Hong Kong Journalists Association expresses concern and outrage as a Commercial Radio reporter was barred from entering Philippines to cover the 2... details

17/11/2015 16:19   updated more

HKJA Contests Injunction Application as interested party

The Hong Kong Journalists Association (HKJA) today (November 5) submitted a petition, as an interested party, against the injunction application by th... details

05/11/2015 17:47   updated more

HKJA's Response to CE’s Comments on HKU’s Temporary Injunction

When an insider decides to disclose confidential information to the media, it is a indication of failure in the existing address, its monitoring or ch... details

03/11/2015 18:36   updated more


各位同業: 第31屆記協盃將於12月26日開始,現正展開報名程序。請各隊伍於11月30日前將報名表格填妥(請按此下載),連同繳付報名費的銀行入數收據交回或電郵至本會。記協地址: 香港灣仔駱克道348-350 號 恒發商業大廈15樓A座 電郵: [email protected]如有任何查詢,請在... details

03/11/2015 14:50   updated more



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