Chairperson Report, April 2009

Not so long ago, an international organization “Freedom House” first time evaluate Hong Kong’s press freedom from “free” to “partly free”, many Chinese and foreign media workers interviewed me for this rating
I pointed out that the new rating of the “Freedom House” is only confirmed our HKJA’s warnings in the “Freedom of Expression in Hong Kong: Annual Report” since 1994, that is: Hong Kong Freedom of expression and press is shrinking.
However, to our HK Journalists, the core of the issue should not focus on the freedom of press is more or less, but the HK journalists are to drift with the tide, or upstream, to release fully news to the public, adhere to professional ethics and breakthrough the existing limitations,
For example, during the seven days of “quarantine” of the Hotel Victoria Harbor in the Wan Chai District of Hong Kong, I have to pass by the Hotel Victoria Harbor a few evenings. Sometimes, I must stay in front of the bus stops in the near distance of the hotel at least 10 minutes for waiting the bus.
I observed that the road and sidewalks near the Hotel Victoria Harbor hotel, besides some individuals already wear mask, the majority of people were passing this area with pace of hurry, fearing infected the new kind of Influenza A. Contrary, the left and right hand sides in front of the hotel entrance have been stationed a large number of local and foreign journalists from various media.
While we face a new kind of Influenza A and may affect the public health of Hong Kong, even though the journalists at the scene are aware when they interview this news may probably endanger their safety, but, under the professional requirement of journalism, there is no one absent. The HK reporters insist to stay at the scene to report the latest development of this disease in a fully, continuously way to the public.
This is the key point why the HK news media workers are still worthy supported by the public!

Camoes Tam Chi Keung, HKJA Chairperson (2008-09)

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