Chairperson Report, August 2007

Sorry that this will be my last report of this term.
My work load has increased and I have a health problem so I have to resign from the chairmanship.   I am truly sorry about this.
According to the JA Constitution the Vice Chairman will act as Chairman during his absence.  I am confident that Miss Fan Ho Tsai is fully competent for the post.
Last Saturday there were two petitions concerning the deteriorating health of Mr Ching Cheong who has been imprisoned for alleged spying. The first petition was presented at the Central Government Office. An open letter to Chief Executive Donald Tsang requested him to express the concern of Hong Kong people about Mr. Ching to the Central Government.  Also we urged the release of Mr Ching as soon as possible under medical parole. Afterwards we went to the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Hong Kong SAR to hand in the second open letter with the same request to President Hu Jin Tao.
I believe that HKJA must keep on following up Mr. Ching Cheong’s case.  If my time and health condition permits, I will continue to participate in related events.
Lastly, to all of you again I apologize once more for my resignation.

Lo King Wah

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