Chairperson Report, February 2009

No one doubts that the Macau’s Adoption of Article 23 of Macao Basic Law will go through the Legislative Assembly. There is also no doubt that the enactment process is intended to have an important exemplary effect on Hong Kong. However, most Hong Kong media did not expected that Article 23 of Macao Basic Law whether passed or not, the Macau’s Internal Security System Act would be used by the Immigration officials of Macau SAR Government to abuse it by refusing a South China Morning Post photographer entry Macao to cover news.
In addition to the prohibiting entry of Hong Kong politicians, the Macau authorities also barred the entry of Prof. Johannes M. M. Chan, Dean of the School of Law of University of Hong Kong who had been invited by the University of Macau to attend an academic conference. In this case, University of Hong Kong and University of Macau lost face.
Since 1967, Macao has long been ridiculed as a “half-liberated zone”. Now it seems she has become a “fully liberated zone”.
At the same time, Hong Kong has sounded the alarm over infringement of press freedom. The local media must face greater challenges in the near future. Hong Kong journalists should prepare for hard times as the clock in ticking away towards adoption of the Article 23 of Hong Kong Basic Law.

Camoes Tam Chi Keung, HKJA Chairperson (2008-09)

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