Chairperson Report, May 2007

In May, the most important event was the annual conference organized by International Federation of Journalists (IFJ). At this conference, we discussed a three-year working plan, and elected a new executive committee.
At the conference the focus was again on press freedom in China. It was unanimously agreed that the government of China should be urged to release all journalists who are imprisoned, enact new policy to ease communications, properly deal with those who violate human rights, guarantee press freedom, etc. In addition, the conference also condemned the Internet service supplier who disclosed private information to the authorities intentionally, causing some journalists to be imprisoned.
In addition, the conference expressed concern about press freedom in Hong Kong after the handover in 1997. Some overseas reporters were also of the view that press freedom in Hong Kong was diminishing.
According to research conducted by some independent international journalists organizations, the overall situation in some countries has declined steadily at an identical pace in recent years. Hong Kong’s ranking in the press freedom league has also kept falling.
Two representatives from “All-China Journalists Association” attended the conference as non-voting observers.
In the election, British’s representative was elected president. Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia and Sri Lanka’s representatives also participated in the election, but only Japan and India’s representatives were the only committee members from the Asia region.
Finally, please stay alert to the coming HKJA Executive Committee Election and cast your vote for trustworthy members to the new executive committee.

 Unity is power. It can overcome difficulties, reduce dangers, and ensure we don’t fight alone.
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