Chairperson Report, October 2008

        On October 4th, Mr. Tang Kong Fai and me, were elected as the vice chairperson and chairperson of HKJA respectively in the EGM.

        On the Membership, Welfare and Training affairs, we have 20 football teams competing for the JA Cup. The first match kicked off on October 18th.

        On the press freedom affairs, the PRC government declared to prolong “The Regulations Concerning Foreign Journalists and Permanent Offices of Foreign news Agencies” , allowing foreign and Taiwan journalists to cover news in Mainland China. But, the relaxation did not apply to the Hong Kong, and Macau journalists. Therefore, HKJA urges the PRC government should allow more press freedom by the followings:

1.      Extending the Special Reporting Regulations to HK, Macau, and Taiwan Journalists indefinitely;

2.      Extending these regulations to the local journalists on the Mainland China;

3.      Disseminating and educate local officials on the regulations, to ensure full implementation of these regulations;

4.      Stopping to suppress media assistants and citizens who assist the journalists in their reporting.

Recently the HKSAR government released a consultative document on “Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance” while the Macau SAR government also made public of the draft and consultative document of “Defense National Security Law” (local enactment of Art.23 of Macau Basic Law).

Vice chairperson Mr. Tang Kong Fai and me attended and observed the consultative process in Hong Kong and Macau, and the HKJA would make a public statement after reviewing the related documents in due course.

On the international relations, three senior HKJA members: Mr. Jackie Sam, Mr. Don Gasper and Ms Cheung Ping Ling, were invited to attend the annual meeting of Asian Journalists Association in Seoul, as they reported the current state of media industry in Hong Kong.

On the China concern affairs, HKJA is exploring the possibility of arranging some activities with the mainland journalists of neighbouring districts. Meanwhile, HKJA has plans to organize a delegation to Taiwan.

For other activities, HKJA will organise an one-day workshop “Great Breaking News” on November 29th, and we are privileged to invite several senior and famous breaking news local reporters to share their experience. Our members or other non-members are welcomed to this workshop. Also, the upcoming issue of “The Journalist” will be ready later this month.


Camoes Tam Chi Keung, HKJA Chairperson (2008-09)


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