3,009 Journalists & HK Citizens Urging Release Ching Cheong under Medical Parole ASAP

For Immediate Release
22 December 2006
3,009 journalists and Hong Kong Citizens
Urging to Release Ching Cheong under Medical Parole ASAP
The Hong Kong Journalist Association has initiated a worldwide signature campaign calling on the Central Government to grant an early release for Ching Cheong under medical parole for humanitarian reason on 11 December 2006. We also urge the Hong Kong government to assist Ching and his family to the greatest possible extent. As of 21 December 2006, the deadline of this signature campaign, we have collected 3,009 signatures from our journalists and the Hong Kong citizens. It reflects that the Hong Kong citizens are gravely concern about the health of Ching Cheong.
We send all the signatures to the HKSAR government and call on the Central government to grant an early release of Ching Cheong to enable him to reunite with his family as soon as possible.
Chief China correspondent for the Singapore’s Straits Times Ching Cheong was taken by the Chinese Authority on 22 April 2005 in Guangzhou. Citing “assisting investigation” as the reason, they later moved him to Beijing and detained him in the form of “residence under surveillance”. On 30 August 2006, the Beijing No 2 Intermediate People’s Court formally arrested Ching Cheong on a charge of espionage and sentenced him to five years in prison. Ching Cheong filed an appeal against the verdict. On 24 November, Ching Cheong’s appeal was rejected by the Beijing Higher People’s Court. The HKJA is indignant at the rejection of the appeal.
For enquiry, please contact our staff members at 2591-0692.
Serenade Woo
Chairperson of The HKJA
Open Letter to President Hu - Ching Cheong's Health Deteriorates
1,812 Journalists and Hong Kong Citizens Urging to Release Ching Cheong under Medical Parole ASAP