Rule 2 Objectives of the Union

2.1 To secure the complete organisation in the Union of all journalists, photographers and artists employed in news organisations, and others who earn their income from journalism;

2.2 To secure and maintain just and proper rates of wages, hours of work, and other conditions of labour and, generally, to protect the interests of members;

2.3 To regulate the relations and to settle disputes between members and employers, between one member and another, and between members and other workers by amicable agreements whenever possible;

2.4 To promote a spirit of mutual respect and understanding between the employer and the Union and to secure the establishment of recognised and permanent machinery for negotiation with the management;

2.5 To safeguard and promote freedom of expression in general and press freedom in particular so as to create a beneficial environment for journalism.

2.6 To enhance journalistic standards;

2.7 To provide, for members and in certain circumstances their families, any or all of the following benefits and such others as the Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting may decide:
(i) monetary relief, or such other benefits as may be decided, for sickness, accident, disablement, distress, unemployment, maternity, and retirement;
(ii) death gratuities and funeral expenses;
(iii) educational fees;
(iv) victimisation and trade dispute benefits;
(v) legal advice and legal assistance where necessary in connection with the employment of members.

2.8 Generally to promote the material, cultural, social, educational, and recreational welfare of the members and their families in any lawful manner by the provision of educational facilities, clinics, and other undertakings, industrial or otherwise, which the Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting may from time to time deem expedient.

2.9 The furtherance, financial or otherwise, of the work or purpose of the work of any lawful association or federal body having for its objects the promotion of the interests of labour, trade unionism, or trade unionists.

2.10 The establishment of, carrying on, or participation, financial or otherwise, in the business of producing materials in printed or electronic forms to further the objectives of the Union and its members.

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