Rule 9 Use of Funds

9.1 Subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, the funds of the Union shall be used for:
(i) The payment of salaries to employees of the Union and allowances and expenses of officers of the Union incurred on official business;
(ii) The payment of expenses for the administration of the Union including the audit of accounts;
(iii) The prosecution or defence of any legal proceedings to which the Union or any member is a party, when such prosecution or defence is undertaken for the purpose of securing or protecting any rights of the Union as such, or any rights arising out of the relations of any member with his employer or with a person whom the member employs;
(iv) The conduct of trade disputes on behalf of the Union or any members;
(v) The payment of fines imposed on the trade union for any offence of which it is convicted under the Trade Unions Ordinance or any other Ordinance;
(vi) Compensation of members for loss arising out of trade disputes;
(vii) The payment of donations or grants to registered trade unions or other lawful bodies in Hong Kong and subscriptions, fees and contributions necessary for affiliation to any trade union federation or other lawful trade union organisation in Hong Kong;
(viii) Any other lawful purpose approved by the Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting;
(ix) Provision of welfare benefits set out in Rule 2 and Rule 10;
(x) Payments of allowances to members or their dependents and/or their families on account of death, including funeral expenses, sickness, accident, disablement, distress, unemployment, maternity or retirement;
(xi) The payment of educational fees for members and their children;
(xii) Payment of expenses incurred in the promotion of recreational, cultural and social pursuits in the interests of members.

9.2 If an establishment of a welfare fund involves the use of the funds of the Union, it must be approved by the Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meetings for the prescribed welfare purposes.

9.3 The funds of the Union which are not required for current expenses may, on the direction of the Executive Committee, be invested in such lawful securities as the Executive Committee may think fit, subject to the approval of members at the Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meetings.

9.4 The financial year of the Union shall commence on 1 April each year and terminate on 31 March of the following year.

Rule 8 Officers of the Union
Rule 10 Establishment of Welfare Benefit Fund