28th JA Cup Rules of Game (to be amended)

Rules and Important Notes:
1. Each media company can enter a maximum of 2 teams. Also, individuals can form teams. The maximum number of participating teams are 20; including the 4 seed teams. The 4 seeded teams are the defending champion, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up and 3rd runner-up. The remaining 16 quotas will be the priority for media companies, and be generated by the draw for residuals.
(i) IF total team are 16.
First Stage – Teams are divided into four groups. Four seeded teams will be distributed into different group. Defending champion in Group One, first runner-up in Group Two, second runner-up in Group Three, and, third runner-up in Group Four.
Single round of league-mode matches in this stage. Top two teams in each group; altogether 8 teams are promoting to second stage.
Second stage – 8 teams will be divided in two groups for another single-round
league-mode matches:
Group A — G1(1), G2(1), G3(2) and G4 (2)
Group B — G1(2), G2(2), G3(1) and G4 (1)
Top two teams in each group, altogether 4 teams will enter semifinals.Semifinals
A1 vs B2
B1 vs A2

Winners of semifinal will enter Final for Champion; others go for second

(ii) IF total teams are more than 16.
First stage as same as 2.1
Top two in each group, altogether 8 teams enter Quarterfinal.Quarterfinal:
Match A: G1(1) vs G3(2)
Match B: G2(1) vs G4(2)
Match C: G3(1) vs G1(2)
Match D: G4(1) vs G2(2)

Winner of Match A vs Winner of Match B
Winner of Match C vs Winner of Match D
Winners of Semifinal will enter Final for Champion; others go for second

(iii) IF total teams are less than 16.
HKJA reserve the right to determine whether or not we cancel the whole matches.
3. The registration fee for the team with 5 or more JA members will be HK$500, and the team with less than 3 JA members will be HK$1000. Teams’ representatives must attend the draw lot ceremony. Each team has rights to request for changing schedule ONCE by seven days before match. HKJA have the rights to grant the approval.
4. Maximum 10-18 players for each team.
5. Each team should consist of 7 players (6 players and 1 goalkeeper). Teams would be considered as forfeited when there are not enough players on the pitch after 5 minutes of the schedule.
6. There is 6 times for substitution each match; players can be back into field again. For Goalkeeper, it is one time. Approval from the referee must be obtained before the substitution.
7. Match time: 40 minutes each, divided into 2 halves, 3 minutes break.
8. Scoring & Qualifying methods in league-mode stages:
3 points for WIN, 1 point for DRAW and zero for LOSE.
If teams got the same points, will be determined by goal difference (GD). If teams
got same points and same GD, will be drawn for promotion.
9. In knockout stages, penalty shoot-out would be taken when matches draw.
10. All teams and players must obey the instruction and decision by the referee. Any objection can be raised according to rules #16, #17 and #18.
11. All registered players of Hong Kong Football Association in recent three years are prohibited to join the game.
12. All the players should be the fellow media workers working for broadcasting companies, newspaper companies, magazine companies, news agency, etc. The definition of media workers including: reporters, photographers, editor and translators, director, film editor, graphic designers, etc. For those who are not in the above list, their qualification of the match shall be decided by the executive committee members before the match started. All players shall provide valid identification of work. If a qualified player move to another organization or industry, the player shall report to the HKJA and the executive committee will decide his eligibility for the matches.
13. Players cannot be transferred to other team even within the same news organization and the player list cannot be changed once the competition began.
14. Players will be suspended for the next match when receiving a red card or accumulated two yellow cards.
15. Rules about goalkeepers are the same as the most updated FIFA international rules.
16. Any objection should be raised by team representatives within 15 minutes after match ends. Otherwise, it would not be considered.
17. HKJA would form a committee to deal with complaint.
18. The committee members are representatives or captain of the other teams. At least 1/3 of total number of representatives of existing teams should join the meeting. Teams involved in the complaint may attend the meeting, and be enquired by the committee. The committee would give final verdict.
19. Each team must prepare two sets of jerseys (Dark and Sharp in colors) and one No. 4 football. The committee has the rights to disqualify the team who hasn’t prepare their own jerseys.
20. Any team attempted to violate or influence the match; the committee has the rights to disqualify them.
21. HKJA will insure all players but will not take any responsibility when there is any accident or lost.
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