HKJA Cup Basketball League 2019

To promote sports and friendship among our members and fellow journalists, the Hong Kong Journalists Association (HKJA) is to launch the HKJA Cup Basketball League which will begin in March 2019.

The HKJA Basketball League will comprise 8 teams. Each team is required to have at least FIVE HKJA members (Full/Associate/PR) in order to qualify to join the league. Participating teams are not required to join in the name of any media organization. If there are more than 8 teams who submit their registration forms during the application period, lots will be drawn to determine the list of participating teams.

Please refer to the Rules of JA Cup Basketball League for details (in Chinese only).

The registration fee for each team is HK$2,500.  Interested parties can submit their registrations first, and will be asked to pay the registration fee after their qualification to participate in the League is confirmed. The matches will be arranged on Saturdays and Sundays.

Interested parties can download the registration form and post or email it to HKJA office ([email protected]) on or before 20 February 2019.

Rules of JA Cup Basketball League (in Chinese only)

Registration forms