Application of The 8th Annual Kam Yiu-yu Press Freedom AwardApplication of The 8th Annual Kam Yiu-yu Press Freedom Awards 2016 is opened2016 is opened

The 8th Annual Kam Yiu-yu Press Freedom Awards 2016

¨         Invitation for Entries

Press freedom, freedom of speech and democracy are foundations upon which a sound society is built and a great nation constructed. The Kam Yiu-yu Press Freedom Awards are set up by The Kam Yiu-yu Foundation to recognize and encourage the pursuit of excellence in the reporting and safeguarding of press freedom by Hong Kong journalists.

¨         Objectives and Criteria

The Kam Yiu-yu Press Freedom Awards aim at enhancing awareness of press freedom and promoting professionalism among journalists. Judges look for originality, professionalism, initiative and, where relevant, courage on the part of the journalist or publisher.

Submissions of investigative reports or news reports by journalists who resist all kinds of censorship and obstructions from the authorities or private organizations are welcomed. For example, news stories on or about infringements of public interests by public bodies and private enterprises, abuse of power by the authorities, or mal-treatment of employees are appropriate entries.

¨         Eligibility

Submissions may be in either English or Chinese. The competition is open to journalists in print, electronic or online media. Submissions must have been produced either by journalists for publication or broadcast in Hong Kong, or by overseas correspondents stationed in Hong Kong.

Organizations may submit articles on behalf of their employees. All prizes are awarded to individuals, not to organizations. Entries must indicate the category, Print Media (including material published online), Television and Radio, entered for consideration. Each participant can only submit ONE entry, unless it is a bylined entry that more than one reporter contribute.

¨          Deadline and Entry Procedures

Submissions must be as published or aired, and must have appeared or aired between 1st Jan and 31st Dec 2016. Entries must be postmarked no later than 16th January 2017.

Print:        Send 2 copies of article. (Originals preferred. Photocopies must be clearly legible)

TV, Video or Radio: DVD, VCD and CDs preferred. 


Please send entry forms and materials to:

Kam Yiu-yu Press Freedom  Awards

c/o Hong Kong Journalists Association

Flat A, 15/fl, Henfa Commercial Centre,

348-350 Lockhart Road,

Wanchai, Hong Kong


¨         Panel of Judges


Joseph Man Chan Research and Emeritus Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Chan Yuen Ying Honorary Professor,

Journalism and Media Studies Centre,

The University of Hong Kong


To Yiu Ming Assistant Professor

Department of Journalism

Hong Kong Baptist University


Lui Ping Kuen, Bruce Senior Lecturer

Department of Journalism

Hong Kong Baptist University


Ching Cheong Chairperson,

Kam Yiu-yu Journalism Foundation


Sham Yee Lan Chairperson,

Hong Kong Journalists Association



¨         Awards



 The winner in each category will be awarded HK$3,000.


¨         For queries please contact:

Tel: (852) 2591-0692
Fax: (852) 2572-7329
Email: [email protected]

Entry forms please be downloaded at here.

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