(Deliver Petition Letter) Why barred FT journalist Mallet from working in Hong Kong? CE please explain!

The Government has refused to renew the working visa of Financial Times journalist Victor Mallet. The media community is concerned whether this is the result of his chairing of a talk by Hong Kong National Party Convenor Andy Chan at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club. The Government should explain this extraordinary decision.

We call on members of the press and the community to sign an online petition letter. We will deliver the letter to government representative outside the East Wing Forecourt (also known as “Civic Square”) at Central Government Offices, Tamar on Monday (8 October) 1 pm.

Foreign Correspondents’ Club, Hong Kong Journalists Association, Independent Commentators Association, International Federation of Journalists, Journalism Educators for Press Freedom, Reporters Without Borders

7 October 2018

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