Please join the May 3 Activities (Petition, Bus Tour, Arts Fair)

Journalists, Authors and Artists Submit Statement Demanding Chinese Government to Ensure Freedom of Expression at the Central Government Liaison Office

Freedom of expression concern groups, journalists, writers and artists are going to submit their statement   to the Central Government Liaison office, on 3 May (World Press Freedom Day). The statement urged the Chinese government to honour its pledge when it made its bid for the Beijing Olympics in 2001 and fulfil its obligation to ensure that freedom of expression in China and immediately and unconditionally release all imprisoned journalists、writers and artists.

Following the action we will have a bus tour around Hong Kong and Kowloon to convey our message to the public. Solidarity groups and Artists and poet will gather at an art fair at Chater Garden in Central to celebrate the world press freedom day through music, poetry and performing art.

For details please contact:
Ms. Mak Yin-ting(HKJA)Tel:+852 2591-0692 

Program of 3 May (World Press Freedom Day activities):
Statement submit to the Central Government Liaison office
(Walk from: Western Distrstic Police Station)
Bus Tour
Art Fair:Chater Garden of Central
12:00 – 17:00
Poets and performers from Hong Kong and China. Time 14:00 – 17:00
Solidarity organizations:
Hong Kong Journalists Association, International Federation of Journalists, Reporters Sans Frontières, World Association of Newspapers, American PEN,Independent Chinese PEN Centre,HK Chinese PEN Centre,Sydney PEN Centre,Laogai Research Foundation, International Freedom of Expression Exchange,China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group,Foundation for China’s Democratic Movement , The Student Union of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Melbourne PEN Centre.
Symbolic action by all groups, writers and artists
For more details of the arts fair, please go to: artfairschedule

Co-ordination of this activities are: Hong Kong Journalist Association, World Association of News Paper, Foreign Corespondent Club China, International Federation of Journalist, Rapporteur San Frontier , International-PEN Centre, Independent Chinese Pen Centre, Hong Kong Chinese Pen Centre.
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