183 from press industry co-signed to voice dissatisfaction over tightening company register search by the Government

HKJA and other press groups initiated an online signature campaign to show our dissatisfaction over tightening company register search. A total of 183 journalists, lecturers and student of journalism participated in the campaign.

HKJA had met with Christopher Hui, the Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau (FSTB), on 25 May 2021, explaining the impact of the measure on journalistic works and ask for explanation in excluding press as ‘specified persons’. However, the secretary was unable to concretely answer our questions. HKJA and other press groups hope the signature campaign will lead to the FSTB reconsider the measure. The arrangement announced by the government did not include press as ‘specified persons’. HKJA expresses extreme anger on the negligence of the Government.

HKJA has to reiterate that freedom of the press is inscribed in the Basic Law, and that tightening the company register search will hinder investigations. Such act will not only impact public’s right to know and press as supervisor of society, but also affect the transparency and reputation of Hong Kong. The tightening measure is a reverse that hampered open information and freedom of the press, and HKJA expresses deep regret.

Hong Kong Journalist Association
18 June 2021

HKJA response to media enquiries about our membership and the Secretary for Security’s comments
Judiciary redacted various information on the charge sheets HKJA is concerned it would undermine the principle of open justice