A Web Pretends to Represent the HKJA in Issuing Membership

11 April 2005
A web pretends to represent the HKJA in issuing membership
Today we found out a web site (http://www.shangji.org) which claims they can help reporters to apply for Hong Kong Journalists Association (HKJA) membership if they pay $1,200HKD. The HKJA now emphasizes that it never endorse any agency to represent the HKJA in issuing membership. All membership and related applications can only be processed by the HKJA and our web site is http://www.hkja.org.hk.
           The HKJA censures this kind of illegal behaviour and has reported it to the police. We advise all reporters to beware. If you find any similar behaviour, please contact us on 2591 0081 or 2591 0692 ASAP.
Cheung Ping ling
Chairperson of the Hong Kong Journalists Association
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