Attacks on journalists strongly condemned

The Hong Kong Journalists Association strongly condemned the violent attacks on four journalists by anti-Occupy supporters this evening.


These assaults continue a trend which has seen 24 journalists beaten up since the Occupy Movement took place more than three weeks ago to demand democratic elections in Hong Kong.


The journalists — one from RTHK, the other three from TVB – were attacked by “blue ribbon” supporters while covering an anti-Occupy Hong Kong rally at Tsim Sha Tsui today. The attackers kicked and punched the reporters who were clearly identified by their Press credentials. 


The Association noted that those attacks are not just on the journalists but the press freedom of Hong Kong. When journalists can no longer work without fear, the public’s right to know is the next to suffer.


The rule of law and freedom of information are the two core pillars of Hong Kong’s success. It will be tragic if they are destroyed in the current crisis, said the union.


The Association called on the police to provide our journalists the full protect of the law to ensure no further attacks are made on journalists who are only carrying out their duty to keep Hong Kong people informed of what is happening on our streets.


Hong Kong Journalists Association

25 October 2014

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