Donation arrangements for Indonesian female journalist Veby Indah

HKJA will issue an emergency grant of $10000 to Veby Indah, a female journalist who is suspected to have been shot and injured by the police. Her lawyers and HKJA have recently received many requests from people wishing to make some donations to her. Veby Indah has agreed to collect public donations through the Association, and all donations will be paid to Veby Indah for living, medical and emergency purposes.

As for Veby Indah’s proposed lawsuit for the injury, the recently established ‘The Journalist Protect Fund’ will provide financial support for the judicial process. If Veby Indah submits an application, the JA will conduct a detailed review as if it were for other help-seeking cases.

Those who wish to donate to Veby Indah, please transfer or deposit to the Bank of East Asia.

Bank Account no.: 015-138-68-00541-8.

Hong Kong Journalists Association

8 October, 2019

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