The Hong Kong Journalists Association held its 2019 Annual General Meeting today (22 June 2019). The election results of the HKJA Executive Committee for the year of 2019-2020 were announced.

主席 Chairperson
楊健興先生 Mr. Chris YEUNG
《眾新聞》主筆  Chief Writer, CitizenNews

副主席 Vice-Chairperson
任美貞女士 Ms. Shirley YAM
《REDD Intelligence》高級編輯  Senior Editor, REDD Intelligence

執行委員 ExCom Members

陳朗昇先生 Mr. Ronson CHAN
《立場新聞》副採訪主任  Deputy Assignment Editor, The Stand News

周家誠先生 Mr. Gary CHAU
《蘋果日報》財經版助理採訪主任  Assistant News Editor (Business), Apple Daily

郭灝然先生 Mr. KWOK Ho-yin
《Now》新聞台編輯  Sub-editor, Now TV News

林彥邦先生 Mr. LAM Yin-pong
《立場新聞》首席記者  Principal Reporter, The Stand News

伍立德先生 Mr. Luther NG
香港電台電視部公共事務組編導 / 記者  Producer / Reporter, Public & Current Affairs, TV, RTHK

潘雅儀女士 Ms. Hilda POON
高級經理 – 傳訊  Senior Manager – Communications

鄧俊豐先生 Mr. Charles TANG
《星島日報》高級記者  Senior Reporter, Sing Tao Daily

謝頌昕女士 Ms. TSE Chung-yan
《蘋果日報》記者  Reporter, Apple Daily

Hong Kong Journalists Association
22 June 2019

HKJA Annual Report 2019 — Red Line Stifles Freedoms
HKJA lodged a complaint to IPCC concerning abuses against the press by police officers and call for setting up of an independent committee to investigate