HKJA calls on media organisations to provide appropriate safety equipment for journalists

There have been frequent demonstrations in recent days, and journalists are reporting immediate news for the public without fear of personal safety.  HKJA found that many journalists have not been provided with appropriate protective equipment by their employers.  For example, some were given simple flu masks and sent to the frontline to report the demonstrations and clashes, risking the threats of pepper spray, beanbag rounds and tear gas.

To get first-hand reports, front-line journalists often need to stay in the demonstration area, sometimes even in locations between the police and protesters. As employers, media organisations have the responsibilities for providing sufficient protective equipment for their staff reporters including helmets, reflective vests and respirators for their safety and ensure that the employees enjoy their labour rights.

HKJA has ordered a small amount of safety equipment (including industrial helmets, reflective vests, 3M respirators and 3M safety goggles. Journalists are welcome to get such equipment at HKJA office by presenting their press cards by 5pm on June 15 (today).


Hong Kong Journalists Association
15 June 2019

HKJA lodged a complaint to IPCC concerning abuses against the press by police officers and call for setting up of an independent committee to investigate
HKJA strongly condemns the police actions that have endangered journalists’ safety and harmed press freedom