HKJA clarifies rumours about the qualifications to apply for HKJA press card

Recently rumours have been circulating online about qualifications for press cards issued by the Hong Kong Journalists Association (HKJA). The rumours spread the false information that HKJA provides special discounts for press card applications and there are no qualification requirements for the press card applicants. HKJA strongly condemns these rumours and false information.

HKJA reiterates that only Full members of HKJA are qualified to apply for HKJA press cards. According to HKJA Constitution, the qualification for Full membership is that the majority of one’s income is derived from journalistic work.  For this purpose journalistic work is defined as employment as a journalist, photographer or artist in news organisations; as a full-time freelancer; or as a person employed in the pre-service and in-service training of journalists, in Hong Kong. Every applicant for the membership has to get a sponsor who is a current HKJA member, and to provide adequate information and documents to prove employment status and journalistic work. HKJA will verify the applicants’ information and documents, and the qualification of each application will be examined by the Executive Committee before one can obtain an HKJA membership. The information and qualification requirements about HKLA membership are listed out on HKJA’s website. In the past, there have been cases of membership or press cards applications being rejected due to inadequate information or ineligibility.

For further information for the application of HKJA membership and press card, please refer to:

Hong Kong Journalists Association
15 July 2019

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