HKJA condemns police use of tear gas against peaceful demonstrators

The Hong Kong Journalists Association strongly condemns police use of unnecessary physical force against demonstrators in the past 24 hours.
Article 27 of the Basic Law promises Hong Kong residents the freedom of assembly, of procession and of demonstration.
The police have, however, used 87 tear gas grenades against citizens who have only been engaging in peaceful demonstrations as they have every right to do.   Many citizens and at least three members of the press were wounded.
The excessive force employed is unnecessary and unacceptable. It is a contradiction to the freedoms and rights promised by the Basic Law. This deviates significantly from the professional performance that the city’s policemen are renowned for in the handling of public demonstrations. Whoever made the decision for the use of excessive force has done a major damage to the public’s trust on the police.
The Association would also like to salute all the journalists covering the demonstrations for their courageous and professional performance in keeping the public informed of developments. Several journalists continue to work at the scene despite doctors’ advice to stay home for the injuries suffered.
Hong Kong Journalists Association
29 September 2014
HKJA Condemns Violence Against Journalists
HKJA strongly condemns police use of force against reporters