HKJA Condemns Violence Against Journalists

The Hong Kong Journalists Association strongly condemns the acts of violence against journalists by some protestors and police officers during the street clashes in Mong Kok since Friday afternoon.

Of the five confirmed cases of attacks against journalists, those involved in four have shown their press identification cards. The attacks are not accidental. (Please click here for details.)

Hong Kong has plunged into a state of turmoil, the first of kind since the 1967 riot. Without effective monitoring by the media, the situations will only deteriorate further, making any rational dialogue for ending the conflict impossible. Any attacks against journalists are not good for the well-being of the Hong Kong society.

We call on the public to say no to violence. Journalists are doing their job to report on the incident and the views of different people. They should not become the punching bag for people who feel angry their demands are unheeded.

We are shocked to hear some journalists who carried well-displayed identification cards had become the target of acts of violence by police. They were blocked by police from doing their reporting work. This is totally unacceptable.

Only a thorough investigation into the attacks can stop the violence from spreading, said the union.

Hong Kong Journalists Association

4 October 2014

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