HKJA expresses concern over the impact of Cable TV’s surrender of its domestic pay TV license on the industry

Hong Kong Cable Television (Cable TV) announced yesterday that the company has returned its domestic pay-TV license to the Government, and its pay channels will be terminated in June, while the brand “i-CABLE News” will be retained and will continue to operate through its free TV channels and multimedia platforms. A change in business model will inevitably cause an impact on staff. The HKJA expects the management of Cable TV’s newsroom to uphold editorial independence and professionalism after the business restructuring and urges them to handle any employment arrangements of its journalists properly. Any newsroom employees of i-CABLE News are welcome to contact the HKJA if they are in need.

Since its launch in 1993, i-CABLE News has been a journalism pioneer with its 24-hour news station in Hong Kong. It has always maintained professional, objective, and impartial reporting standards. Its China news coverage, investigative reporting, and court news are recognized by the public and the industry. However, the company laid off a large number of experienced and dedicated journalists two years ago, raising concerns about the quality and independence of its reporting. The HKJA believes it is encouraging that i-CABLE news reporters have stood by their positions over the past two years, and reiterates the same call made two years ago that the company should consider any taking necessary measures to ride out the crisis with their employees and avoid any layoffs or pay cuts. The HKJA also hopes that the company will embrace its challenges and not let down the journalists who are committed to the profession.

Hong Kong Journalists Association
15 February 2023

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