HKJA Expresses Outrage over Ip Kwok-him’s False Accusation

Mr Ip who is chairman of Legco’s Panel on Security indicated on a radio programme this morning that an unedited video clip that was being circulated on the Internet showed that a technician of now TV assaulted a police officer with a ladder. Mr Ip said he hoped to know the outcome of the police investigation into the matter. Ip later provided us with that video clip. The clip, however, did not show the tv technician hitting anybody with a ladder.
Accusing a journalist of assaulting another individual during his work is a very serious allegation. HKJA regards Ip’s allegation as an irresponsible act considering he has no solid evidence. He should make an apology forthwith.
In addition, the technician has been detained for more than a day. Since the police cannot provide any supporting evidence, HKJA demands the police to discharge and release the technician immediately.
Hong Kong Journalists Association
26 November 2014
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