HKJA expresses worries over a move by HK01 to add an editor’s note about its stance in an article

HK01 on Saturday published an interview with Freddy Lim Tshiong-tso, the lead singer of Chthonic, a Taiwanese heavy metal band. The article quoted Lim’s views on the relationship between his music and politics. At the end of the article, an editor’s note read: “HK01 is consistently opposed to Taiwan Independence.”

Adding an editor’s note on the stance of a news outlet on an article is unusual. We worry that the editorial staff of HK01 did it because the relevant news article contains sensitive content and that they felt they need to state clearly their political stance on the article.

Journalists should stay impartial when reporting news. We regard that the duties of journalists are to present facts objectively to readers. News reports are not commentaries. There is no need to express a journalist’s or news agency’s stance in a news report. We hold the view that it is unnecessary for HK01 to state their position in their news report. Doing so will give rise to worries that the media might have something to fear when they report sensitive issues.

HKJA urges HK01 to reconsider the practice of adding an editor’s note about its stance in news reports.

Hong Kong Journalists Association
23 December 2018

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