HKJA response to Hong Kong Police Force arrest of former media agency staff

The National Security Department of HKPF arrested Lam Man Chung, former executive editor of Apple Daily, for conspiracy to collude with a foreign country or with external elements to endanger national security. Recent months saw numerous Apple Daily executives and editors being arrested, despite the agency ceasing operations at the end of June. HKJA resents the targeted arrests of people from the same agency, and is shocked and puzzled over these arrests.

Freedom of the Press and freedom of publishing are the cornerstone of a successful international city. HKJA urges the Government not to arrest journalists in the name of ‘National Security’, spreading white terror in the process; while thoroughly explain in what way did journalists’ works and publication, which is supposed to be legal and protected by Basic Law, can endanger national security.

Under such turbulent time, HKJA calls on colleagues to keep performing their duty. If there are any news agency ex-staff requiring assistance, please contact HKJA.

Hong Kong Journalists Association
21 July 2021

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