Hong Kong Journalists Association hope that the Chief Executive could speak and act in unison, and instruct the police to stop all obstruction of reporting immediately

HKJA has repeatedly reflected the police’s abuse of force at the scene of the conflict and unreasonably obstructing reporting, but the situation has not improved. The Chief Executive claims that she has always respected the freedom of the press, but has never promised to restrain the police force. Instead, she asked reporters to follow the instructions of the police force, completely ignoring the reporter’s duty to exercise the fourth power to monitor the police’s exercise of public authority. HKJA hopes that the Chief Executive would agree with what she said, and immediately instruct the police to stop their actions against reporters so that the media can safely report the truth.

During her meeting with the media today (November 11), the chief executive mentioned that she had worked hard to assist the press since she assumed the post. However, most of the injuries to journalists in the past few months came from the police’s weapon and armour. A large number of clips show that even when reporters are standing on the sidewalk and there are no protesters around, police officers will still shout unreasonably, pull gas masks, bump with batons and shields, or deliberately spray pepper at reporters. Some police officers even threw tear gas bombs, shot bean bag rounds and rubber bullets at the reporters.

Could the Chief Executive recognize the facts, who is obstructing reporting? Who puts journalists in danger?


Hong Kong Journalists Association


11 November 2019

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