Joint Statement by Hong Kong Journalists Association and Hong Kong Press Photographers Association: Condemnation of Violent Assaults against Journalists by People Gathering in North Point

On the evening of 11th August, the Hong Kong Journalists Association and Hong Kong Press Photographers Association received several reports of journalists being assaulted.

When a crowd was beating a man in black in North Point, a Ming Pao journalist attempted to approach and find out the details, but he was pushed away by the crowd and got punched on his left cheek as he tried to explain his intention.

Journalists of Stand News and RTHK were disturbed by a crowd in North Point during reporting. The journalist of Stand News was threatened with a stick and had his tripod seized abruptly; the journalist of RTHK was assaulted by the crowd. There were police officers present nearby, but they did not make any arrest.

Earlier today at around 17:45, several middle-aged men punched a journalist who was reporting outside Metropole Building. Police officers arrived and separated the journalist from the attacker and the passerby. Although the journalist has repeatedly identified the assaulter to the officers, police did not make any arrest.

We condemn the multiple cases of violence against journalists. The attackers must stop the use of violence. We are also enraged by the police’s failure to stop the assaults or make any arrests despite their presence. We solemnly request the police to explain their handling and conduct a comprehensive investigation, so as to make clear their no tolerance of violence to society. Assault against journalists is a violation of press freedom. We firmly believe that every journalist on the frontline should dutifully execute the duty of the fourth estate without inviolability.


Hong Kong Journalists Association
Hong Kong Press Photographers Association
11 August 2019

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