Press Unions express shock and anger over the arrest of RTHK “Hong Kong Connection” producer and urge Police to immediately release her

Bao Choy, the producer of RTHK programme “The Hong Kong Connection” was arrested this afternoon. Choy was accused of making false statements which violated Cap 374 Road Traffic Ordinance. Media organizations and unions express their shock and anger over the police’s unreasonable action.

We must point out that media has its moral and social obligations to track down the truth. Many reports involving major public interests have been conducted through searches of the registry including license plate searches. Now Police abuse of the “Road Traffic Ordinance” to suppress normal journalistic pursuits, will have a chilling effect and in turn undermine freedom of the press.

We solemnly request the Police to give the details and the reasons for the arrest as soon as possible, and release Choy immediately without any condition.


Hong Kong Journalists Association

Hong Kong Press Photographers Association

Independent Commentators Association

Journalism Educators for Press Freedom

Ming Pao Staff Union

Next Media Trade Union

RTHK Programme Staff Union

CitizenNews Union

3 November 2020

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