Statement on Next Media’s decision to implement outsourcing policy

The Hong Kong Journalists Association today issued a statement on Next Media’s decision to implement outsourcing policy. Our response is as follows:

HKJA regrets Next Media’s insistence on implementing the outsourcing policy without fully communicating with its staff beforehand.

HKJA is very concerned about the rights and interests of employees under the outsourcing scheme.  Under the scheme, full-time employees may become contract staff or freelancers, who may not enjoy adequate labour labour protection.

The management of Next Media has held discussion with heads of a few editorial departments. We urge the management to discuss details of the outsourcing scheme with all affected staff members and to address their concerns.

HKJA will provide legal consultation service to our members who are employees of Next Media. The service includes an explanation of their rights and contracts and the new outsourcing contract. We will offer suggestions to improve the terms of the new contract. Non-HKJA members who may be affected by the Next Media’s outsourcing scheme and want to ask questions or seek help regarding the new scheme are also welcome to contact HKJA at 2591 0692 if they have any questions.

Hong Kong Journalists Association

23 June 2017

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