The Hong Kong Journalist Association (‘ HKJA’) have today filed an application in the High Court to vary the re-amended Injunction Order of 25 October 2019 ( ‘The Doxxing Injunction’)

HKJA seeks amendments to The Doxxing Injunction to protect Hong Kong’s constitutionally protected freedoms of the press and expression.

The HKJA seeks to be heard at the scheduled hearing of the ‘The Doxxing Injunction’ on Friday 8th November 2019 and an order that the injunction does not prohibit “any lawful act(s) which are done solely for the purpose of a news activity as defined in section 61 of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and does not prohibit disclosure of personal data to a data user whose business, or part of whose business consists of a news activity …”

The hearing will be before the Honourable Mr Justice Russell Coleman at 10.30am 8 November 2019 in court 28 of the High Court. “

Hong Kong Journalists Association

5 November 2019

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