HKJA is deeply concerned about HK01’s decision to lay off over 70 employees

HK01 has announced today a layoff of over 70 employees – about nine per cent of its staff. The Hong Kong Journalists Association (HKJA) is deeply concerned over this.

According to reports, the employees being dismissed are from various sections, including photographic, video production and online content teams. HK01 issued an internal notice to staff, saying the company was undertaking an exercise to restructure its back office and transform the mode of production in order to speed up the development of the company. On the other hand, it will continue to recruit new staff members and train employees.

HKJA understands that the media are operating under difficult and challenging business environment. Online media are continuously searching for effective business models to develop and attract audiences. At the same time, HKJA considers that the commitment and sense of belonging of staff are equally important. Any layoff is a blow to staff morale.

HKJA appeals to the management of media to actively search for other methods when facing a need to restructure or resort to operational transitions. These methods may include providing training or reassigning current employees to suitable positions.

Journalists affected by this dismissal who encounter employment disputes they are welcome to contact HKJA for assistance. For members of HKJA, if they encounter financial hardship due to loss of employment could contact HKJA office and apply  for assistance.


Hong Kong Journalists Association
25 February 2019

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