International cancer magazine is looking for China health writers

Cancer World magazine ( wants to talk to freelance health journalists based in Hong Kong who are interested in contributing stories about cancer care.

Cancer World is an international, online magazine produced by professional journalists and published by the independent not-for-profit European School of Oncology. It is aimed at cancer professionals, policy makers and patient advocates. We are interested in stories that highlight current issues in cancer care in the region, particularly focusing on developments that improve survival and quality of life of cancer patients.

We are looking for people who will be able to contribute at least two articles a year – short reports at €400 (US$420) each, or longer features at €1200 (US$1,270) for around 3000 words.

No specialist medical knowledge is required, but experience in covering healthcare stories from a user/patient-centred perspective would be valuable. Basic journalism skills – finding reliable sources, reporting accurately, and asking questions that focus on real-world impact – are essential.

To find out more, please contact the Cancer World international editor, Simon Crompton at [email protected].

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