Committee and Subcommittees

Membership and Outreach Subcommittee
Oversee membership recruitment and renewal procedures.

Training and Welfare Subcommittee
Improve the welfare of members, organise recreational and leisure activities, training workshops and seminars, and handle labour disputes.

Public Education Subcommittee
Promote press freedom and news literacy to the Hong Kong public through awareness outreach and educational activities, such as hosting talks for students or members of the public.

Press Freedom, China and International Relations Subcommittee
Monitor the situation of press freedom in Hong Kong; organise discussions with the government or prepare submissions when needed; compile annual reports and surveys on local press freedom issues. This subcommittee will also monitor the state of press freedom in mainland China , track issues encountered by local journalists working there, maintain communication with international press freedom groups and offer assistance to visiting journalists and academics from overseas.

“The Journalist” Editorial Board
Responsible for the writing and editing “The Journalist”, an HKJA electronic newsletter to keep members in the loop about HKJA activities and industry news. This subcommittee welcomes members with experience or interest in newsletter editing and writing to join.

Electronisation Subcommittee
Responsible for the digitisation of documents and archives.

Media and Police Relations Subcommittee
Follow up and coordinate with Police on interview arrangements for events of public interest.

Ethics Committee
The Ethics Committee is composed by three members appointed annually by the Executive Committee at its first meeting after the Annual General Meeting. It reviews complaints about alleged violations of the Code of Ethics referred to it by the Executive Committee and makes recommendations to the Executive Committee.

Revenue Subcommittee
Explore new opportunities that will bring in revenue to maintain HKJA’s operations long term.