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Judiciary redacted various information on the charge sheets HKJA is concerned it would undermine the principle of open justice

After the Hong Kong Government gradually restricted company searches in the name of preventing “doxxing” and protecting personal data, the Judiciary, which always emphasized its independence, has suddenly tightened the information it disseminates to the media from yesterday. When court reporters from various media organizations went to the Magistrates’ Court

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HKJA Annual Report 2020 —Freedom in Danger

Hong Kong has been suffering from the shock caused by the political storm whipped up by the prolonged anti-extradition bill protest, the novel coronavirus and the national security law in the past 12 months, says Chris Yeung, Chairperson of the Hong Kong Journalists Association. Yeung made the comment at a

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“In Hong Kong crackdown, police repeatedly broke their own rules – and faced no consequences” & “Anti-Extradition Bill Movement Series” awarded KYY Press Freedom Awards

Hong Kong experienced an earthshaking change last year. Yet excellent news reports can dig out the facts from a world full of confusion and highlight the crux of the problem. These are the characteristics embodied in the winners’ articles of the Kam Yiu-yu Press Freedom Awards.   Winner of Print

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