HKJA condemns fake report about issuing press card

Hot on the heels of a Government announcement of an anti-mask law today (October 4), a fake report claiming the Hong Kong Journalists Association “is racing against time to issue 10,000 press cards” went viral on social media. HKJA strongly condemns those unfounded rumours.

HKJA stressed that only full members are eligible to apply for our press cards. Under HKJA Constitution, those who are eligible for full membership must have their major source of income coming from journalistic work. That means they have to be employed by local media outlets or engage in journalistic work, journalism education and training etc. All applicants must have their applications submitted with a member as referee and document about their employment. Each application will be checked and approved by the Executive Committee. All relevant information is available on our website.

Previously, there are cases of applications for full membership and press cards being rejected because of insufficient information and/or failure to comply with the eligibility rules. For more details, you are welcome to visit our website,

Hong Kong Journalists Association
4 October 2019

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