HKJA deeply regrets Legislator Eddie Chu’s motion to clear the press from the LegCo chamber

The Hong Kong Journalists Association (HKJA) expresses deep regrets over Legislator Eddie Chu’s motion during the Legislative Council meeting today requesting that members of the press and public be ordered to leave the chamber.


HKJA regards that motion, if passed, would seriously undermine the public’s right to know, and obstruct the press from carrying out its monitoring role. LegCo members are discussing major public issues and the meetings should be open to public.


HKJA understands that Chu revealed he actually did not support that motion, and his invoking that procedure was a filibuster tactic.  Despite this explanation, HKJA stresses that the public’s right to know and press freedom should not become a bargaining chip in political bickering.


Hong Kong Journalists Association 
2 November 2017

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