HKJA dissatisfied with Government trying to cover up CY Leung’s movement during his Beijing Visit

The Hong Kong Journalists Association is deeply concerned that the Government has once again tried to shroud in secrecy the movements of Chief Executive Leung Chung Ying during his recent visit to Beijing to meet with PRC Vice-Premier Zhang Dejiang and the Director of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council Wang Guangya. This lack of transparency underscores the government’s determination to deprive Hong Kong people of their right to know about matters that concern their wellbeing. This is not the first time this has happened.

According to information received by HKJA several journalists had enquired at the HKSAR Office in Beijing about arrangements for Mr Leung’s visit. They were informed that no announcements would be made. Subsequently some reporters discovered that Mr Leung had met with Mr Wang. However, HKMAO declined to confirm or deny this. Why such a visit which had already taken place was considered confidential is simply beyond understanding. It was not until much later, when Mr Leung met with the media, that the meeting was confirmed – by Mr Leung himself.

This is not the first time that the Government has tried to cover up visits of official to Beijing. Last July the Secretary for Education Eddie Ng made a hush-hush visit to the capital. Subsequently several other officials followed – all in total stealth. When Chief Secretary Carrie Lam led a delegation to Beijing in February, the Government again did not provide for any arrangements for the media. Such inaction on the part of the government is totally at variance to its avowed aim of openness and transparency in all matters concerning the welfare of Hong Kong people and the freedom of the press.

Mr Leung has repeatedly said he would take account of the freedom of the press since his appointment as Chief Executive. He even signed a charter prepared by HKJA to this effect. Since then, however, he has repeatedly failed to keep his word.

HKJA requests the Government to respond to this statement and to promise that reasonable media arrangements would be provided to the media to ensure that the public’s right to know is safeguarded.

HKJA also urges all journalists to contact its officers should they be confronted by unreasonable arrangements by the government.

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