HKJA expresses concern over the layoffs of media organizations and calls on employers and employees to tide over the difficulties together

According to comprehensive media reports, i-Cable News suddenly announced today that it would lay off about 40 newsroom staff, involving Local news, China news, Finance news teams. The laid-off employees include a number of senior reporters and supervisors, and all members of News Lancet are all being laid off has caused dissatisfaction among a large number of staffs. HKJA expresses concern over the layoffs, in particular, the media have already come under political pressure recently, we hope that the media’s senior management can rise to the challenge and not disappoint the journalists.


HKJA understands that the current business environment is difficult, and the epidemic has made the situation even worse. However, the layoffs arrangement will not only hurt the morale but also seriously affect the quality of news editing. In particular, this time the whole ‘News Lancet’ team has been laid off though it has often reported professionally well on the police or the administration in the past year. It is not difficult to believe that cost-cutting is being used as an excuse to suppress freedom of the press.


HKJA calls on media operators to consider other positive measures to avoid layoffs or pay cut. Affected journalists may seek assistance from HKJA if they encounter labour-management problems.


Hong Kong Journalists Association


1 December 2020

The High Court has rejected the legal challenge against the police over their practice of being deliberately aggressive and obstructive as well as unnecessarily and excessive force. HKJA expresses extreme disappointment.
HKJA succeeds with Judicial Review Police failure to show distinctive identification breaches Bill of Rights