HKJA Expresses Regrets over Ho’s Re-assignment by TVB

HKJA expresses regrets over the re-assignment taken by TVB News of its assistant news editor Ho Wing Hong, who handled the report on a demonstrator being punched and kicked at a protest site, to chief researcher. HKJA doubts this move by TVB was punishment for his handling of the news item. Over 100 TVB journalists previously signed a joint statement expressing their regrets over how TVB reported on the news of the demonstrator being injured. HKJA is concerned that there might be further action by the management.
HKJA has sent an enquiry to Keith Yuen Chi-wai, the Head of TVB news department. The enquiry relates to the circumstances under which Ho was re-assigned, how long this re-assignment would last and under what conditions he would resume his original duties. But Yuen replied that TVB would not comment on any internal arrangements on human resources.
Though the questions on their human resources arrangement were reasonably raised, Yuen’s reply did not address them at all. HKJA is concerned that the re-assignment is not a genuine human resources arrangement.
This re-assignment does no good towards boosting morale among TVB journalists or strengthening their sense of belonging. HKJA reiterates that the press takes up an important responsibility in face of such a significant development as we are witnessing now. Whether TVB can take up the responsibility is defined by how professional their journalists are. It is hoped that when the management deals with a problem in relation to human resources, it would neither hurt their employees nor jeopardise press freedom.
Hong Kong Journalists Association
3 November 2014
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