HKJA regrets the false report of Ta Kung Pao

The Hong Kong Journalists Association originally planned to hold a documentary screening and sharing session this Saturday (April 24) for members. “Ta Kung Pao” published an “anonymous revelation” report today to discredit the event as an “underground screening.” The report not only misreported the broadcast location, but also falsely claimed that it had made enquiry with the Association and did not receive a reply. The fact is, HKJA has not received any enquiries from them so far. HKJA expresses regret for the biased and inaccurate report.

According to Article 34 of the Basic Law, Hong Kong residents have the freedom to conduct academic research, literary and artistic creation and other cultural activities. The Association emphasizes that it is a normal activity to arrange to broadcast documentaries of social events for members. Not only did Ta Kung Pao describe this normal screening event as “underground activities”, member from the establishment camp alleged that broadcasting of the documentary may involve violation of the National Security Law, obviously the purpose was to spread white terror, making it difficult for the media industry to conduct a normal opinion exchange activity.

After the Ta Kung Pao report was published, the Association decided to cancel the event in consideration of the concern of the venue owner and the inability to guarantee the safety of the participants against threats and nuisances. At the same time, HKJA solemnly requires all sectors to stop suppressing and interfering with the news industry.

Hong Kong Journalists Association

21 April 2021


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