HKJA strongly condemns the Government for its refusal to withdraw the extradition bill which has triggered off clashes between police and citizens, leading to injuries

The Hong Kong Journalists Association strongly condemns the Government for disregarding public opinion and refusing to withdraw the extradition bill. The Government’s decision to press on with the extradition bill has led to confrontation between police and protesters, resulting in clashes and injuries to civilians and police officers. Among them is a driver of RTHK, who was working outside Citic Tower. When the police fired tear gas, he fell to the ground and suffered convulsions. It was reported that his heart even stopped beating for a moment. Thanks to the help of his fellow workers, he was saved and later sent to Queen Mary Hospital. He has regained consciousness and reported to be in stable condition.

HKJA expresses sincere condolences to the injured driver.  We are deeply concerned about other injured reporters as well as those reporters working at the scene.  HKJA expresses its great respect to them, and is prepared to offer support to the journalists in various ways.  HKJA again urges the government to withdraw the extradition bill so as to prevent more injuries to the innocents. We would also like to remind frontline journalists and media organisations to pay attention to safety while reporting.

Hong Kong Journalists Association
12 June 2019

HKJA strongly condemns the police actions that have endangered journalists’ safety and harmed press freedom
The Hong Kong Journalists Association called on Chief Executive Carrie Lam to intervene immediately to stop the police from harassing journalists reporting on the massive demonstration against the Fugitive Transfer Bill