HKJA urges the Libyan forces do not take any hostages of journalists(English Only)

Four Hong Kong journalists working for Phoenix TV and CCTV in Tripoli, capital of Libya, are being held hostage along with other foreign correspondents, by forces loyal to Muhammed Gaddafi. It is believed that fighting is going on in the general area of the Rixos Hotel and the Gaddafi loyalists are using the foreign correspondents as “human shields” in the war.

Soon after the capture of the journalists, electricity, water and food supplies to the hotel were stopped. None of the correspondents have been physically harmed but it is inevitably that living conditions will deteriorate rapidly in coming days.

The Hong Kong Journalist Association is deeply concerned over this development and urges the captors to release the correspondents immediately. Holding innocent hostages in such a conflict is a crime against humanity. Both must, instead, protect the correspondents and, where feasible, facilitate their coverage of the conflict.

We strongly urge the Libyan forces to immediately release all their captives and restore their freedom of movement in the battle zone.

Hong Kong Journalists Association

警方於李克強訪港期間侵擾新聞自由例證 (Chinese Only)
Stop bullying Hong Kong people, we have the right to know!