Hong Kong Journalists Association condemns attacks against i-Cable TV News reporter in Sichuan

A reporter from i-Cable TV News in Hong Kong, Chan Ho-fai, was attacked by two men in Dujiangyan in Sichuan province during his reporting of the 10th anniversary of the Sichuan earthquake today (Saturday). He suffered from multiple injuries in his body. We are shocked and strongly condemn the acts of violence.


According to i-Cable TV News, the propaganda department of the local government in Sichuan told them they were unable to identify the two men following the lodging of a complaint by the news crew. They said they therefore were not able to handle the case. Their explanation is unconvincing. We maintain the local authorities were shirking their responsibility. We urge the local government and relevant authorities to conduct a thorough investigation seriously and to make utmost efforts to protect the safety and proper reporting rights of Hong Kong reporters.



Hong Kong Journalists Association

12 May 2018

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