Chairperson Report, April 2007

22 April was the second anniversary of Ching Cheong’s detention in Mainland China. I believe that you have received a message from Mrs. Ching about a collective greeting to Ching Cheong for his wellbeing and hope for an early family reunion. We deeply hope that you sent your blessings that day like we did.
Another equally important issue is the “Save RTHK Campaign”. This campaign will be kicked off, only if members agree on (1) We oppose to the recommendation made by the Report on Review of Public Service Broadcasting in Hong Kong, which excludes, without solid reasons, the option of letting Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) be transformed into the future public broadcaster(2) We demand that RTHK be de-linked from the government structure and that it be transformed into a truly independent public broadcaster.
We are gravely concerned that this exercise of reviewing the future of public broadcasting could be a pretext for curtailing press freedom in Hong Kong. RTHK has long been regarded as a barometer of press freedom in Hong Kong, and its future has always been carefully watched by Hong Kong people and the international community. If you support the belief of this campaign or you want to learn more about the related issues, you can visit: or sign online to show your support directly.
There are two more months before the 2007-2008 Executive Committee election. We sincerely call on our members to consider standing for the chairperson, vice chairperson and executive members. Please stand up and fight for the media industry.

Unity is power. United we can overcome difficulties, minimize dangers and ensure that we don’t fight alone.

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