HKJA call on our members and colleagues to join the Labour Day Parade

Dear members and colleagues,

HKJA will join the Labour Day Parade this year. Our appeal and main slogan is “Press Freedom、Decent Wage (捍衛新聞自由,爭取合理待遇 )”, We will march from Victoria Park to the Central Government Offices.

We call on all media professionals to participate in the May 1st peaceful march. Please take note of the following details concerning the JA procession:

Date: 1 May 2010
Time: 2:30pm
Meeting Point: Victoria Park

Please come and spread the word about the march to all our colleagues in the media industry.


Hong Kong Journalists Association

釋放劉曉波燭光晚會 / Release Liu Xiao-bo Candlelight Vigil