HKJA response of Apple Daily closure

This afternoon, Apple Daily announced their closure following the last publication on 24th June (tomorrow). HKJA is extremely saddened by the event, and would like to salute fellow colleagues for their perseverance.

Apple Daily and Next Digital had been ever-present on not only local news, but also topics concerning lifestyles etc.. The emergence of Apple Daily broadened the horizon of Hong Kong citizens and fueled the progression of media industry. Over the past 26 years, Next Digital nurtured lots of talent, and the closure of Apple Daily brought immeasurable loss to not only the industry, but Hong Kong as well.

However, Apple Daily’s closure was caused neither by their inability to continue nor being given up by the readers, but more of reasons that were out of control from them. The fact that some Next Digital personnel were arrested over unlawful act should not be forgotten, yet we would like to reiterate that they have not been convicted. Different sectors of the society will have their own judgement on whether Apple Daily should be affected to the extent of ceasing operations as a result of the implications.

Journalists who witnessed the final days of Apple Daily will be frightened by the turn of events. HKJA strongly calls on the HKSAR Government to keep their promise on freedom of the press, allowing journalists to serve Hong Kong without fear.

HKJA would also like to thank all Apple Daily staff who defended press freedom through their work under the storm. HKJA will assist those affected with our greatest power. For those in need, please reach out to HKJA.

Hong Kong Journalists Association
23 June 2021

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