HKJA urges the Government to aid NextDigital on salary payments

HKJA learnt that the board of NextDigital requested the Security Bureau to unfreeze part of its seized assets to pay their staff. HKJA calls on the Security Bureau to approve the request to protect the labor rights of hundreds of NextDigital staff.

Security Bureau froze a total of $18 million from three Apple Daily-owned companies, leading to media reports on the inability of NextDigital to pay their staffs. Today, NextDigital requested the Security Bureau to unfreeze part of those assets for salary payments.

HKJA would like to remind the Government that salary is a basic labour right, and the Government should do everything possible to ensure that staff of an enterprise can receive their wages. The investigation of individuals should not affect hundreds of staff who continues to perform their duties.

The wage arrears of hundreds of staff of listed company should not be acceptable in Hong Kong, which brands itself as an International Commercial Centre. Therefore, HKJA urges the Government to pay heed to the request.

HKJA will continuously monitor the case. If any members of NextDigital need assistance, please contact us. We will also provide unemployment allowances for qualified members under certain conditions. Please enquire with HKJA for more details.

HKJA also calls on other enterprises, companies or media organizations to contact HKJA for job referrals. All details will be kept in confidence.

Hong Kong Journalists Association
21 June 2021

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