Hong Kong Journalists Association condemns the rally surrounded and jostled reporters, which created obstruction on the freedom of the press

A number of journalists were surrounded and rammed at a rally named ‘愛國護港大集會’ which was held by the pro-establishment camp this afternoon (7/12). The protesters insulted the reporters with terms such as “black reporters”, “thug” and “cockroach”, and they held up slogans like “We hate fake news”. The Hong Kong Journalists Association severely condemns such violent acts that hinder freedom of the press and calls on the police to face the problem and deal with it seriously.

According to the Hong Kong 01, a man was surrounded during the rally, and a HK01 reporter was also blocked. The reporter was accused of being a “fake reporter” after showing his press card and rammed by several people, another photographer was also surrounded.

A TVB News female journalist was also surrounded and called “black reporter”, some people held up slogan such as “we hate fake news” behind her. Initium Media stated on its Facebook page that its photojournalist was surrounded by about 20 members of the rally and asked to surrender camera and mobile phone for inspection and, according to Radio Television Hong Kong, a Ta Kung Pao photographer was surrounded by protesters.

Hong Kong Journalists Association severely condemns any acts of containment, abusiveness, slamming, or even requiring reporters to hand over news materials, which seriously undermines freedom of the press. We are convinced that every front-line journalist faithfully performs his fourth-estate duties and must not be violated.

Hong Kong Journalists Association

07 December 2019

JOINT STATEMENT BY HONG KONG JOURNALISTS ASSOCIATION AND HONG KONG PRESS PHOTOGRAPHERS ASSOCIATION: Strongly condemn the police and rally for attacking journalists and reaffirmed that the fourth right as inviolable
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